Start Simple With Dt. Gunjan Jain

Best Dietitian and Nutritionist In Delhi NCR

Gunjan is very talented.she know how to deal problems of people with an ease.i have reduced 8 kg within two months.i really felt it’s a wonder.thanks to gunjan Jain for helping me.i recommend fitsofirststep for all.go for it.

Gayathri Janamanchi

Gunjan is a very talented dietitian, and has an exceptional ability to connect with the personal needs of her clients. When I started with her even after being on the lower side of weight I felt out of shape and my confidence in my own body was very low. She helped me lose 2-3 inches from all sides while still maintaining my weight, I highly recommend her services to everyone…
She is amazing…

Shruti Suraj Singhal

Hi guys, I like the way Gunjan follows up with clients, always active, on time replies and effective diet chart. I lost 4-5 kgs in 2.5 months. She is very friendly and recommended her to my friends and relatives for weight loss program😊 Keep up the good work, Gunjan

Monika Soni

I highly recommend to Fitso First Step ,she has full hands at her work.
I took my diet plan to weight loss and With the help of her diet chart schedule I loose 2 kg in 20 days . She is deliberate in taking routine follow up which is very motivating to work upon her diet chart.
So go for it ! Undoubtedly

Juhi Khare Burman

Thanks to gunjan’s diet charts and persistent follow ups, I have been able to drop around 13 kgs in last 3-4 months; I have been doing lot of workouts also along with, but now I realise that 70% of your weight management is primarily through right diet. I didn’t just drop weight but also consistently gained more and more energy due to better ingredients and eating habits as prescribed by Gunjan. I will wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone in my circle not just for the weight management but also for overall health upliftment. Cheers, Manish

Manish Jaiswal

Gunjan is a very attentive dietician and always give positive responses. She takes rigorous follow ups. Because of her I have lost approx 3 kg in 15 days. No starvation feeling very light following her healthy foods habits . I won’t say it’s dieting because no starvation I am feeling. Very comfortable to talk to her. Even if achieve desired results will keep following her. Thank you so much Gunjan for giving me a direction and holding my hands to live healthy and beautiful life. Love you ….

Deepa Bansal

Prudent measures always help in preventing the gain and promoting the loss of weight and while you learn what to eat you also earn the dividends!

Sheel Sharma

This page is helpful to getting more knowledge about Importance of diet and lifestyle. I would highly recommend to follow all the posted guidelines.

Pallavi Jain

My journey with Fitso has been very short as of now, but the result in one month is far more than expected! with Gunjan’s expertise, I’ve managed to improve my thyroid levels in a short span of time. Thank you Gunjan. I look forward to a more fitter life.

Juhi Gupta

Don’t know where to start from and how to thank Dt.Gunjan.She is simply great and a gem of a person .I came to know about her through one of my friends so my brother and I decided to join her .We literally don’t have words to express how elated we are after three months.Gunjan is truly a magician for foodies like us who is very active and replies in no time,seems like she is available for her clients 24×7.Our journey seemed to be difficult but Gunjan and her plans help us a lot both physically and mentally. We highly recommend her to all.
Thanks a lot Gunjan for all your efforts. Wish you all the luck and success.

Vaani Bajaj

I always wanted to lose wt without starving as i m foodie. I found out abt fitso first step from my friend. In 3 months i loose almost 6 kgs. Being a pcod patient its difficult to loose so im happy with this result. Dr.gunjan s so helpful nd she always motivated me. Plan shared by her was easy to follow nd most importantly it include tasty nd healthy food. With Dr.gunjan’s help this seems really easy. I will continue my diet with her …. As i wanna loose more wt . She s always available for doubts .
Thank you so much …. Kudos to you Dr.Gunjan😘🙂

Unnati Rawat

Breathtaking results i was malnourished . the diet really helpful to boot my metabolism…

Deepika Anil Garg