About Me & Fitso First Step

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about efforts and when you bring the effort every single day, that’s where transformation begins”

Gunjan Jain is well qualified and experienced Dietitian with an experience of 10+ years.  She takes an innovative approach on health & fitness and offers an interesting way to safely and scientifically reduce weight and change life! She motivates and educates her clients on how to imbibe healthy Calories according to your lifestyle and food preferences.
She offers various diet programs- Weight loss, Weight gain, Healthy diet for Pregnancy, Therapeutic diets for chronic diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, PCOD, Thyroid and many more. She always believe in Nutritious and balanced diet rather than starvation, Keto and IF Diet.

Achieve Sustainable weight loss and treat health disorders.

How do we Approach?

  • Online and Offline consultations
  • No Supplements, pills and Products.
  • A holistic Approach  is to support and optimize the body’s innate healing abilities, promoting wellness and preventing disease.
  • We don’t believe in food restrictions or Calorie restriction because it  can lead to slower metabolism, increased hunger hormone (gherlin) and decreased satiety — or ‘feeling full’ — hormone (leptin). We always focus on Root cause.

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